About WickedP

Many years ago, a friend made an off-the-cuff comment that described my presence as I arrived at an outing. His words became ingrained in my thoughts, to the point where I had to make something of it. Today, I own the WickedP™ trademark, and have been slowly developing the identity since.

The name now also forms part of a business name, though this isn't available to the public as of the moment.

I grew up in little Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Over the years it's developed into a busier city, and while not as big as others in the world, does carry a certain feel vibe. Here, we enjoy having a mote around our island (to keep those pesky mainlanders at bay!) and where Antarctica is the next stop south.

Worldwide, we don't usually get much attention. We're too small for anyone else to care about. But we do get the occasional headline. Some may of heard of the Port Arthur massacre back in the mid 90s. It changed our countries gun laws.

One of the unique things about Tassie is our diverse range of people, we come from all walks of life. And it makes for an appealing life style, you can find friends in any corner! But it also makes things challenging at times. We're often segregated from our mainland counterparts (heading to the mainland feels like an international holiday sometimes). Other days it feels like the rest of the world passes us by.

But in other ways we're very lucky. We have a natural mote. The events of the world wide corona virus meant we could shut our borders to anyone outside, including those from mainland Australia. Of course this also makes other things difficult, but I'm not complaining.

For me, I spend a lot of time in thought on my projects. One day I may write some articles on how things came to be. But for another time perhaps. For now, I'm working on my WickedP™ identity, and there's plenty more in the pipeline to come.