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The BSC2200

I once built my own digital camera. It even took photos, until I broke the sensor. So I’m designing a new one, with more resolution, better usability, and with components made from my 3D printer.

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Stiggy Hunt

Looking for an adventure? Want to find some hidden treasure? I don’t have millions of dollars in hidden treasure, but I do have some stiggies for you to find!

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I’ve been developing a custom previsualiser application for my film and animation workflow, but found short-comings in the animation software meant I couldn’t use the native render engine. To circumvent this shortcomings, I had to build my own render engine, and thus Hyperion was born.

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The Dark Room

The Dark Room is a compositing application I’ve built for previewing live and animation composites inside Cinema4D. It was born out of a need to plug a gap in my workflow between the animation and film images.

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ProxyMan! is a plugin I’ve developed to work with motion capture data inside of Cinema4D. It sits at the heart of many film and character animation projects, and is the stepping stone to getting thoughts and adventures into moving image reality.

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This is my personal online diary. It’s probably not very exciting as a read, but it will hold all my project posts and notes, as well as other random thoughts.

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