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The BSC2000

Ahhh, but what does the title stand for? One of my hobbies is playing around with cameras. I produce my own moving images, animation and live capture films. But, I don’t do a lot of still photography. That’s because the projects I work on tend to be narrative driven, in the sense of telling a […]

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Stiggy Hunt

Looking for an adventure? Or want to find some treasure? Well, I haven’t got $2m in gold bullion to hide. But, I do have Stiggies for you to find. Stiggies are small treasures I’ve hidden out there in the public space. They may be hidden in caves, parks, well-known locations, or buried somewhere else, waiting […]

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Hyperion is a 3D render engine for Cinema4D. It was born out of the need to render images for another piece of software I’m writing, called the Dark Room. If you’ve read up on the Dark Room project, you may be a little familiar with what’s coming here. It turns out, a rather annoying limitation […]

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The Dark Room

The Dark Room is a deep compositor for Cinema4D. I designed it to help with storyboarding and previsualisation of live composites and character animation. Above is an example of what the Dark Room looked like in an early version. You can see that it was almost like a video editor and compositor with it’s timeline […]

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So, where to begin here. I’ve always had an interest in character and live capture animation. Being able to work with motion capture is what I’ve always wanted to do. But, I learned animation in a software package that didn’t work well with motion capture data. Although I was familiar with other software that could […]

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Welcome to the world of WickedP™! After many years in the quiet, I’m finally making my digital space public. It’s taken an age to get to here, many years of ‘behind the scenes’ stuff has been going on. If you’re new to WickedP™, I do all sorts of things from building my own software, producing […]

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