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Sitemap functions added to theme

WickedP WordPress theme now has added support for sitemap generation for pages, posts and the WickedP portfolio custom post type.

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Change to explore and post page structure

The theme has had some structural changes made to it, to keep it inline with normal WordPress workflows.

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Basic SEO support added to theme

I’ve added some custom meta boxes to edit pages to support SEO. They are only simple, and work for pages, posts and my custom post type portfolios. I haven’t added social media support to the SEO, I may, or may not, do that in future. I’m not a big social media user so for my […]

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First iteration of theme up

After what feels like an age, I’ve finally got the first iteration of the WickedP WordPress theme up and running. It’s pretty simple, there’s a front page, an explore page (which is the home page) and single post page. I’ve also programmed a WickedP Portfolio plugin, which has been built directly into the theme. I […]

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