The BSC Camera

Some years ago, I made a camera out of digital components. This wasn't a camera you'd find in any local retail store, or probably anywhere online for that matter. It was built by hand out of wood and other bits and pieces, and housed a digital line sensor. The camera could theoretically take a 2,200 megapixel images. That's not a typo, that's thousands of megapixels.

Unfortunately, I broke the sensor before I could get a full image out of it. And they're kinda expensive to replace. But that isn't going to stop me from building a new one.

The camera used my Symmar 300mm large format lens. A lens that's in really great condition, and a wonderful piece of glass. It's heavy, but lenses this size usually carry a fair bit of glass.

The new camera will have 3D printed, and possibly some pieces made of other materials like carbon fibre. I'm hoping to begin some hardware design once the community gets back to a little more norm. Mostly because I'm wanting to tap into some of the guys minds in our local hacker space. More to come.

Project post history:

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