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Some years ago, an off-the-cuff comment from a high school friend stuck in my head. Nowadays, I use this as a way to identity myself. Somewhat tacky I know, but that’s what friends are for! I’ve since registered the trademark WickedP┬« and now use it an identifying name in various forums.

So, that’s where the name came from. What about me?

I’m a born and bread Tasmanian, from the lands of down under in Australia. We are, quite literally, down under, because Tasmania is underneath mainland Australia. The next stop south from us is Antarctica.

My journey into the world of digital arts probably started in the last year or two of high school. There I studied CAD and was one of only 2 people in the entire state to use camera matching in an animation. I’m not sure who the other was, but we were quite possibly the first at a high school level to do this. This was back in the late 90’s!

From there, I had a year off, did some casual work, then went to university. To be frank, I didn’t enjoy uni. It’s meant to be one of the more memorable times in your life, but mine was fraught with nothing but problems and health issues. Our family went through a terrible time. Mum was in a coma for months, I had my own health issues, which included having to undergo a facial reconstruction… I left uni feeling like I got very little enjoyment from it. Sadly, for some years afterwards things didn’t get any better. But I’ll cover this in a series of diary entries at another time.

Since university, the work I’ve done has varied. It’s ranged from manual labour, to some under my own business, and others in customer service right through to programming and research assistant. I’ve got a lot of skills and seen a lot of different job roles. No work has been in the field of my studies, but for the moment it’s working out OK. I get to see and hear a lot of industry things, and be apart of a great team with great people.

After hours I spend my time dreaming up moving image projects, programming and building ideas for film, animation and other material things. I have no formal qualifications in programming, but taught myself C++, PHP and general website engineering and administration. I’m not a web page designer, but I’m fairly well versed in things like WordPress. Some of my day job includes QA testing websites, among other technical tasks. I built the theme for this site myself, which is nothing to write home about I know, but I use it as a test bed to experiment with (and is probably why it will look a bit ratty!).

Among the copious number of projects I have, one is designing my own windsurf board. It’s kind of right of passage for a nutty windsurfer to build their own board, and is a great way to think about design, materials and things like aerodynamic principles. I’ll post more about this in the projects section at some stage.

I also have a 3D printer, which is a great way to waste material… but have fun making things with anyway. Some of you might recognise the white guy in the picture. This is a print of ProxyMan. He’s the demo character I use for testing motion capture, and is the name of the plugin I built to work with and edit motion capture data. More of him and the plugin can be found in my project stories and in various diary entries.

An image of a 3d printed ProxyMan

A short side story – my uncle once sent a rocket into space for his PhD thesis. Unfortunately it didn’t survive, but I’ve always liked space and I thought this was pretty cool. My uncle is no longer with us, but a distant dream is to send something into space with his name on it. I did make an early design of the idea I’m thinking of sending up, but managed to break the first version!! So I’ll have to build a new one, and maybe catch Elon at some stage to see if I can borrow a rocket.

Generally, I take interest in things like rational thought and ‘sciencey’ stuff. You probably won’t see much of that happening here, this is more a dump for my personal projects, but other side projects go into some of these subjects, and more. I’ll list these at some point in the future. This site is just my personal bubble, and a place to add my own digital rubbish! I also run WickedP Studios – a separate entity – which you might be hearing more about in the future too.

– WP