First programmed hardware started

WickedP's digital cinema camera is starting to get it's first custom programmed hardware.

Some CSS animation added

I haven’t had much of a chance to work on my site recently. I’ll post more about why thi

ACEScg colour space

I’ve managed to implement some early colour conversion into the Hyperion render engine. At thi

First surface colours

The Hyperion render engine gets it's first surface colours.

Film camera build

Camera rig build started for my live action and motion capture projects.

Amazon experience success

My Amazon experience finally resolves as a happy and giddy filled customer!

Huge speed-up

I spent some time digging into the Hyperion's calculation methods, and managed to find some signific

Amazon experience – I spoke too soon

My Amazon experience is turning out to be a real kick in the face. Even my bank has decided to chime

Amazon customer experience update

My recent experience with Amazon customer support left me feeling pretty disheartened. But, the tide

Sitemap functions added to theme

WickedP WordPress theme now has added support for sitemap generation for pages, posts and the Wicked

Missing model parts fixed

I’m wrapped to finally have solved the missing model parts in Hyperion. Let me explain. Part o

Amazon customer experience

My experience with Amazon's customer support was well short of customer support and 'help'.

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