Clean depth of field render

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Just for some historic purposes, I'm making a post for a render I did on the weekend. For most, it won't be anything special. But for me it signals a neat moment in my journey. A place where all the hard work can show something in return.

As I've touted a few times here before, I'm trying to make my render engine as physically correct as possible. To do this, I'm building the engine around real world camera, sensor and lens data.

Recently I managed to get the engine to render with true depth of field. I then decided a few days later, to just let the engine render out for a while, to see what a clean image might look like. The image comparison below shows the viewport and Hyperion render.

As you can see, this render is of a simple scene; a sphere with a couple of cubes in the background. It is lit entirely with an HDRI image. That is, there are no lights. Well, there are no lights in the Hyperion render, the viewport has default lights because it can't do image-based lighting in realtime.

The render is using pretty much everything in the engine to date. It was set at ISO 800, with a T-stop of 1.5 and a white balance for day time. It seems to have come out fairly well I think.

I like the soft white marble texture too. It's a default colour I chose to texture things with, so that it wasn't just a bland plain white, or dull grey like most render engines. It's also nice to see some shadowing of the sphere surface. The normals are doing their thing, which is good to see! There's no image denoising going on either, it's the plain engine output.

It's not without it's faults though. You can see around the edges of the sphere there are some black shaded areas. I'm not sure what these are, but suspect they are linked to the normals. Because of the extreme angle on the side of the sphere, it's probably causing some angles to be so severe that they're bouncing off back inside (or something like that). I'll investigate this further in time.

For now, I just wanted to show what the engine could do as it is.

The Hyperion render.