Rendering benchmarks

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Last updated: 16th of Nov., 2023

This post is a display of the latest rendering speed result against a benchmark brute force render. It is updated continually. The model is a version of the Stanford Dragon with 45,424 polygons, and a light cylinder with 107 polygons. This test:

  • is run on an Intel Core i5 with 4 cores, running at 2.67GHz
  • is bench-marking the time to complete one pass
  • with images rendered at 800x600 resolution, and
  • does not factor in image quality.

Benchmark render: 13 minutes, 44.3 seconds

Our Stanford Dragon benchmark render: brute force method

Latest render result: 14.163 seconds

Latest Stanford Dragon render: 16th of Nov., 2023

Current speedup: 58.2x