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Those who have read a little on my Dark Room project, may know that I have a custom built render engine waiting to be put into the display. This is still a little off. But I wanted to refresh myself with the engine, because I'm getting closer with the new Dark Room to being able to plug Hyperion into it.

I just fired the engine up to refresh myself, and remembered I still have an issue to resolve. There's this strange thing happening with part of the model not being recognised. I haven't figured out what's causing this yet, you can see it in the example render below. My engine can render in a number of layers, with the one below being the globalised normals. I use this layer to check whether the normals are working correctly.

Hyperion render engine in normals mode - you can see the issue with part of the model not displaying. If you're wondering, the incomplete model is of a powerbox template for windsurfing fins.

And yet, in other scenes, it renders fine:

Hyperion rendering the WickedP Cornell Box in normals mode.

Here's the white marble colour pass view, just for reference:

Hyperion colour pass - the white marble is the default colour. Notice the noise, this is a low quality image. You know, testing and all!

For the keen eyed, you can see the light bouncing off the main wall on the right-hand side and lighting up the sides of the smaller boxes. Natural global illumination right there!

I've also got a small issue with the lighting to address, you can't really see it in the colour marble pass, but I know it's there. Once I've solved the missing model parts and the lighting, I'll be able to move onto depth of field. Though I may skip this in the short term just to focus on the Dark Room. After all, this is what Hyperion was built for.

I've also been studying some lens effects (think lens flare), which may come into play at some stage as well. Though the engine is not meant to be a final renderer, I'm curious to see what real-world lens effects I can get to work, particularly given the underlying engine is based on light waves, camera sensors and lenses.