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Amazon experience – I spoke too soon

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Recently, I posted about my frustrations with Amazon and it's "market" service. I then posted a follow up only a few days later, saying I'd purchased the item and all seemed good. But nope, it's done it again.

After getting confirmation of my purchase, some hours later I get an email saying the processing couldn't happen, and that Amazon has cancelled the order. In their email, they provided absolutely no reason for this.

But the problems haven't stopped there. Thinking that maybe my bank has withheld payment, maybe because the bank thought it was a fraudlulent transaction attempt or something, I logged on to my banking to see if there were any messages. Nothing. I got on their online chat, and the customer experience just gets worse.

The bank put me on hold in a queue. That's fair enough, they may be dealing with a few queries. After some time, I managed to get an assistant, who started typing. And then, my banking interface decided it would be a good time to log me out of my session, and closed the chat. I didn't even get the assistant's first message.

So, I logged back on. And this time, I was placed in the queue at almost twice as far back as the first time. I was pretty annoyed, but was willing to sit it out. After waiting again, I was put through to an assistant, who typed their first message. I started typing mine and tried to send it, before realising I'd gone past the character limit. I understand the need for a character limit, but in this day and age to limit it to not much more than a standard text message (sms) was pretty poor. My issue was not something I could just explian in a single text message. But lets move on.

I began editing the text, which I might add was almost impossible because the text display was so small. And then I received a message saying (along these lines) 'it's been too long for you to write your message, I'm going to end the chat conversation. Enjoy the rest of your day.'. What were they thinking!? I'd only been on with them for some 60-odd seconds!! And that's after spending more than an hour in the queue and being logged off from from their service because I was waiting for online assistance in the first place!

I don't know what it is with big companies and customer support, but this is pretty pathetic. I know I'm not unique, but it's just so poor that these companies try and give you virtual assistance that's of no help at all.

Just FYI, the item is now advertised on Amazon for a bit over $5k. This is after it went from around $3k early last week, to over $12k a few days later. It's all over the place. I'm wondering if I should report it to the ACCC. I've started to keep screen shots now. Though, I'd rather Amazon just honour the purchase.

We're not finished with this one.