GoPro Hero 9 Black

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I recently bought a GoPro Hero 9 Black. At the time of purchase, it's GoPro's latest camera and had only been out here a few days. I got it with the intention of filming point of view shots while windsurfing. The winds have been pretty pathetic this year, so I'm not holding my breath, but I'm hoping to post a bunch of them to my YouTube channel over the coming summer months.

I've given it a somewhat ordinary first run. There was no wind to get planing, so I won't post any of the footage, but you can see the HyperSmooth 3.0 doing it's thing pretty well. I'm not convinced on the way it works yet, but I'm sure it'll make more sense in time. Having worked with larger film cameras with manual lenses, I'm not use to automatic cameras. But, hands free does make more sense while windsurfing!

There's a few options to play around with by the looks of it. Colours seemed OK given the poor lighting conditions of it's first shoot. Some good summer days might see things pop a bit more. I turned the front screen off - I'm not a 'vlogger', but I can see it being useful for those doing that sort of thing.

Maybe I'll give the 'vloggin' a go some day, just for fun!

I changed my settings to PAL so I could use the 25fps frame rate options. Not a big deal, most things online don't really care for that, but it may keep the file sizes a little smaller if nothing else. I bought a ScanDisk Extreme PRO 256gb microSDXC memory card to go with it. It's rated as a UHS-1 card, so should handle the transfer speeds OK. It can hold 10hrs+ of 1080p recording, so plenty of space to work with. Possibly even a bit unnecessary, but anyway.

Don't expect any great edits from this camera. Not because the camera isn't capable, but because I only got it for the windsurfing novelty.