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ACEScg colour space

I’ve managed to implement some early colour conversion into the Hyperion render engine. At this stage I can convert to the ACESCG colour space. I’m using the Bradford CAT matrix method. Below are some side by side comparisons of the standard linear colour space and the ACESCG colour space. You can see in the side […]

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First surface colours

The Hyperion render engine gets it’s first surface colours.

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Huge speed-up

I spent some time digging into the Hyperion’s calculation methods, and managed to find some significant speed ups.

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Missing model parts fixed

I’m wrapped to finally have solved the missing model parts in Hyperion. Let me explain. Part of making a render engine is finding ways to make things quicker. For example, if your scene has a million polygons, but it only takes up part of the screen, then why waste time testing for those polygons when […]

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Sitting in the wings

I’ve been developing a custom previsualiser application for my film and animation workflow, but found short-comings in the animation software’s native renderer. To circumvent this I had to build my own, and Hyperion was born.

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