GoPro Hero 9 Black replaced

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So, I had to take my new GoPro Hero 9 Black back in for replacement recently. There was an issue with the battery where the camera had troubles recognising it as a legit GoPro battery. I had a difficult time just getting it to charge. And when it did charge fully, the red light on the camera wouldn't go out.

Thinking it was just me with a new device, I stuck with it for a few days. But when I got the error message saying I should be using a real GoPro battery, that was the telling indicator. The camera or the battery, or both, were faulty.

The guys at JB Hifi were really good, as they always are. They took a few notes, and expecting them to just replace the battery, they came back with a completely new kit. I would've been happy with just a new battery because the camera itself seemed fine, but no, I got a new one of those too!

The new one charged up well and though it hasn't been used yet, there's no red indicator staying on this time when it's fully charged. I suspect there's been a faulty batch of the new batteries, because others appear to have had similar problems to what I was experiencing.

The camera itself seems cool bananas though. Can't wait to get more footage from of it!