Small theme improvements

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I've been slowly adding some improvements to the website theme, trying to keep things ticking over. Just small things like adding a hero image to post pages and tidying up some dynamic CSS styling.

I'm also working on adding some basic comment functionality as well, for passing visitors. It's not quite ready yet but it's on its way. I can't imagine I get many visitors, but for those that do happen to pass by, it might be nice for them to be able to leave a comment on a post or project (subject to moderator approval of course!).

I added some post navigation links as well. The new navigation ones down the bottom go to any previous or next post, while the navigation button links under the title are only for same project-related post links.

While we're on navigation and visitors, I'll add in some site tracking stuff at some point as well. I built my own analytics tools on another site, so I'm a little familiar with these things. I have no interest in making a marketing platform, or some fully fledged site-analytics for that matter either. But it might be handy for the theme to capture some visitor numbers and report them back somewhere.

An in-built analytics mechanism means I also don't have to be at the mercy of big companies with my site visitor data either, which is probably not such a bad thing.

The theme for this website I built myself. All page layouts, functionality and styling are my own, including the portfolio project manager. It's not going to be winning any awards! But it's something I can plug away at in my spare time, for my own benefit.