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Basic SEO support added to theme

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I've added some custom meta boxes to edit pages to support SEO. They are only simple, and work for pages, posts and my custom post type portfolios. I haven't added social media support to the SEO, I may, or may not, do that in future. I'm not a big social media user so for my part it's not a big need.

So, my site will probably start being indexed by the various bots at some stage. I'm undecided if I'll add SEO content to every post, I may ignore for my boring fluff diary entries (I doubt there'd be many people interested in reading these). I'll certainly do it for most of my portfolio project pages though, if nothing else just to put stuff out there!

I haven't done a QA on my site yet, so I've got to work through that at some point to do things like accessibility testing. I know my site won't get much traffic, but the user experience is important to me. It's probably why I started building some of my programming projects, because I thought there were better and simpler ways of doing things.

I'll need to look at my styling at some point, but for now it'll make do.