Some CSS animation added

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I haven't had much of a chance to work on my site recently. I'll post more about why another time. For now, I'm making a brief appearance to show that these things are still, slowly, being worked on.

I've only been able to make some little improvements of late. I've added a small animated movement to the text on the projects in the explore page when you hover over the project area. Just helps to break up the static feel. I've also made some small additional changes to the header menu. The links are a little smaller and the icons are more condensed. Seems to sit a little better. I made the stars on the front page appear one for each portfolio/project, with clickable link to the project page. I also did some clean-up on the contacts page, though I'm thinking of redoing that sometime in the future.

Nothing terribly exciting. I haven't really been able to work on the theme for quite some time. Things haven't been to good for our family this year. COVID doesn't even factor in. But alas, we keep moving forward as we can. I'll try to work on the main portfolio and post page displays when I can. Small steps.