Sunrise over Hobart from film camera

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I've recently been taking the Digital Cinema camera out to get some early morning grabs of the sunrise. Thought the images came out pretty well given I have no way of field monitoring at the moment. More on this below.

Sunrise over Battery Point
Sunrise over boats
Sunrise over Royal Yacht Club

Barely a ripple on the water in those last two shots! Some of the video can be found on my YouTube channel. Hopefully they look OK on your monitor, wherever you are.

Not having a field monitor while shooting makes it difficult to see focus and framing. Even aligning the camera horizontally can be tricky. The small screen on the top allows enough to see, but not really enough to properly work with. I was planning to buy and build some bits and pieces to help with this, so I've had it in mind to tackle this at some stage.

Still a bit to conquer here, but it's going in the right direction.