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Amazon customer experience update

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Update: Oh dear, it's not over yet, more here.

Recently I shared a post, which left me feeling pretty empty. I'd spent so long saving up for something and I was only one to two payslips away from being able to afford it. Until my stomach dropped, as I watched the price increase to over 400% from only a few days earlier. You can read about this in my first post on the matter here.

As of today, I'm really relieved to be able to say that, for some reason, the price has been reverted back to my target buy. That probably sounds like I'm a share trader or something... I'm not!

I don't know if this is Amazon's pricing algorithm system at play here, or if someone in customer support has helped out behind the scenes. For whichever way it was, I'm really thankful that the price was reverted back towards my savings goal. It's lifted what became a heavy burden off my shoulders. I've saved so long for this item. I have now placed my order, and the item is on its way.

I've still got to get a couple of small things to get for it, but these will have to wait for another payslip. They're just little things to help make the item more secure when using it. You may notice I haven't even mentioned what the item is. I'd like to get it and test it before I reveal it.

The item is to be used alongside some of the software applications I'm developing. You can read more about these by visiting some of the projects listed in the explore page. I'm hoping I can showcase my evolving visual effects pipeline with hardware and software in action in the next couple of months.

Amazon really came to the table for me here. I was completely gutted at seeing the price go up like that, after spending so long saving. I was really only days away from being able to afford it. This particular item is special, to me at least, because it's not something you can buy off the shelf readily. So, thanks Amazon. I'll probably lose sleep waiting for the delivery!