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Change to explore and post page structure

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I've made a change to the underlying way the theme gets it's page templates from. I had originally set the explore page to be the posts page, but I've decided to change that and make the explore page it's own template.

My reasons for this are that I wanted to create a general post lists page. WordPress has this kind of thing built in by setting a page as the posts page. But I had it set to my explore page. This is now changed.

I've got to finish some pagination things, but the restructure allows me to have a normal posts page like a normal WordPress site does. So my explore page is now it's own custom template. Just helps make laying the page flow out a bit more inline with WordPress standards, and makes things a bit more familiar with the norm.

I'm still blocking things out, so there's not a great deal done in so far as styling is concerned. Though I have gone through and removed a bunch of CSS to try keep things inline with my minimal theme design principle.