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First iteration of theme up

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After what feels like an age, I've finally got the first iteration of the WickedP WordPress theme up and running. It's pretty simple, there's a front page, an explore page (which is the home page) and single post page.

I've also programmed a WickedP Portfolio plugin, which has been built directly into the theme. I originally tried to use categories and tags as ways to identify projects and related posts, but it became a bit messy in code. So I built my own custom post type, and then linked normal posts to the custom post types by categories. You can see an example of this happening in my Dark Room project/portfolio page.

Being able to relate normal posts to a portfolio means I can easily create a history of project posts as well. It makes a simple, but really effective portfolio managed site.

Next on the cards is to deploy some SEO-related things. I'll probably build these into the custom post type so that I can add SEO to the portfolio pages, and normal post pages. I need to add some accessibility things as well.

I'm not a graphic designer, but it's a good start.