Change to explore and post page structure

The theme has had some structural changes made to it, to keep it inline with normal WordPress workfl

Basic SEO support added to theme

I’ve added some custom meta boxes to edit pages to support SEO. They are only simple, and work

First iteration of theme up

After what feels like an age, I’ve finally got the first iteration of the WickedP WordPress th

Projecting a new engine

I've started to rewrite my engine for the new Dark Room.The deep compositing app, which will feature

The BSC2200

I once built my own digital camera. It even took photos, until I broke the sensor. So I'm designing

New car roof rack troubles

As with anything you buy, there’s bound to be something it doesn’t do, or have. Nothing

My new car – yay!

I recently got myself a new car – woot! It’s not brand new, but new to me. Which is prob

GoPro Hero 9 Black replaced

So, I had to take my new GoPro Hero 9 Black back in for replacement recently. There was an issue wit

GoPro Hero 9 Black

I recently bought a GoPro Hero 9 Black. At the time of purchase, it’s GoPro’s latest cam

Sitting in the wings

I've been developing a custom previsualiser application for my film and animation workflow, but foun

The Dark Room Beginnings

The Dark Room is a compositing application I've built for previewing live and animation composites i

Rebuilding the Man

ProxyMan! is a plugin I've developed to work with motion capture data inside of Cinema4D. It sits at

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