Finally, we’re there!

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This week has been a good one. I've managed to successfully decode the raw RED R3D files on the graphics card, and a few minutes ago I just cracked putting them into the Dark Room's display.

These are RAW R3D files off my RED film camera. Kind of a big deal this one. Without the image itself, the rest of the program wouldn't mean much. It wouldn't really do anything. And although I could use the CPU to decode the images, the user experience would suffer. It's much faster on the GPU. Something along the lines of 25x.

It's a great relief to finally have an image in there. Here's the first one:

The first raw camera image inside Dark Room project

That image by the way, can be seen at around the 42 second mark in this video.

There are things still to tick off before the program is usable. I have a couple of modules that need to find their way into the program. That in itself shouldn't be too much trouble, but I will need to build some interface things to be able to use them. Like, an interface for selecting tools, such as the tracking engine. If I can't put a tracking marker in, then how's the engine suppose to track anything?!

There's a couple of things to tidy up, but I can now tick this one off. Exciting times.