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Projecting a new engine

Original project: The Dark Room
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I've started to rebuild the Dark Room. The original program has been completely stripped back to its bare-basics, with a new interface design and user experience. And, a new engine.

The Dark Room is a program I'm building to help preview live action composites. I know there are other (commercial) programs out there that do this already (composite programs like Nuke, After Effects, Fusion), but there isn't anything that quite does it the way mine will.

The Dark Room's new splash - very similar to the original.

The Dark Room will use a number of graphics engines in it's pipeline, including my own custom render engine (see Hyperion). Though Hyperion is not a real time render engine, I'm hoping the way I've designed it will allow me to utilise it in ways I haven't talked about yet. More on this in the future.

The new Grain View engine is starting to work again, with a viewport and display control system in development. Grain View refers to the old days of film, which used grains inside the film and gave the film it's chemical resolution. I haven't got a screen shot of Grain View in full action because I haven't connected the project data into the new engine yet. But here's a shot of the Grain View viewport none-the-less, just to show that it is real:

Grain View - though not complete, the coloured cube shows the engine starting to work again. Frame rates appear to be low due to the low animation cycle setting for testing.

The new graphics engine doesn't use Hyperion yet, that will be tested once I've connected the project data up again. That's because Hyperion won't be behind the viewport. It will only be used to render project-related elements, which then feed into the viewport. It's kind of an intricate setup... I could explain it better with some working screen shots, but alas I can't take them just yet.

If I can get this all to work again, it could end up being a really powerful piece of software. Just wish there was a faster way to get it done!