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My new car – yay!

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I recently got myself a new car - woot! It's not brand new, but new to me. Which is probably just as good!!

It's a Subaru Outback Gen4. The colour scheme is a darkish red and black. It has tinted windows, electric seats and windows etc. I suspect it was one of their luxury versions. The interior is pretty clean too. It looks like it's been looked after by the previous owners. No tow bar either, so hasn't been stressed like that.

It has done a few kms, but they say these cars should be good for double the mileage it's done, so should plenty of life left in it.

I may have paid a bit more than an equivalent from a private sale, but there just isn't much around at the moment. The whole COVID has meant people aren't really selling their cars as much it seems. Either that or wagons just don't come on the market much, which could be true as they're generally handy vehicles with the open rear cabin space. They're much better than SUVs in that respect.

It's possibly not the car I really want, but as interim one, it should fit most of my needs. I need to add a nudge bar and roof racks, and possibly a tow bar, but the rest is pretty much there. The wagon space will be handy for the windsurfing and bodyboarding gear. And the camera gear. I can also sleep in it,, the front seat comes down flat and you can lie on it. Could be handy for an overnight stay up the coast for a surf or sail trip!