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The Dark Room Beginnings

Original project: The Dark Room
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The Dark Room is a deep compositing preview tool for Cinema4D. I originally designed it to help with story-boarding and pre-visualisation of live composites and character animation. Though looking at the picture below, you'd think I was making a complete video editing app with a timeline and playback controls.

A screen grab of an earlier version The Dark Room program

The original design kept moving into territory I didn't really want to be in. I hadn't set out to make a video editing app, and the addition of the timeline and controls was steering me away from it's original purpose. So during the year 2020 I began pulling it apart with the thought of re-building it. I ended up pretty much removing everything.

I first started this project around 2011/12. I haven't got many images of the first program, other than what you see above and below.

The Dark Room's deep compositing in action, running at approximately 2.2 frames per second on an old Nvidia GTX285. Modern graphics cars will fare better
An early Dark Room splash banner with it's signature film strip and glass loupe

Due to the shortcomings of Cinema4D, I've also had to develop my draw engine further. I've since turned it into a complete 3D render engine. You can read more about that project here. The addition of this engine, called Hyperion, will be a big step forward again, and one I'm hoping will help to resurrect this project.